XP95 Fire Detectors

The XP95 range of intelligent fire detectors is advanced in design, improved in performance and has unique features that bene t the installer and end user.
The range features smoke detectors, standard and high temperature heat detectors and a multisensory, Beam detectors, ame detec- tors, manual call points, audio visual signaling devices, interface units and isolators complete the range. XP95 has a central intelli- gence system where all the decisions are made by the control panel.
Apollo has always used an open, digital protocol since 1986 and has ensured backward compatibility when developing new products. An open protocol allows freedom of choice for the re system speci er, installer and end user. A system using a digital protocol is also much less susceptible to corruption than an analogue protocol and is therefore often preferred in a system which is life critical.
Key features of XP95 include:
• Alarm Flag for fast alarm reporting
• Alarm Address for fast location of alarm • XPERT card addressing
• Electronics-free base
• Easy installation
• Elegant design
• Insect Resistant
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