The Nihilator Tank Mounted Foam Nozzle is a revolutionary new concept designed to help meet the daunting challenge of pro- tecting Jumbo Sized Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks. Installed just below the top rim of the tank, the Nihilator is designed to discharge expanded foam directly onto the surface of a ammable or combustible liquid produces for re extinguishment or vapor suppression. The Nihilator produces a fully aspirated foam blanket for maximum foam expansion and 25% drainage life.
The Nihilator is designed to deliver the foam stream approximately 50 feet out from the tank wall. The foam will land on the fuel surface and slide to the center of the tank, overcoming the problem of getting foam to ow across the vast surface of Jumbo Stor-
age Tanks. On oating roof tanks, the Nihilalor is used in conjunction with rim seal protection to insure compete coverage.
Features :
• Discharge Foam Directly Onto Fuel Surface Best Utilization Of Foam Resources
• Overcome Dif culities Penetrating Thermal Updrafts
• Eliminate Nozzle Fall Out From Ground Based Monitors
• Fully Aspirated For Superior Foam Quality
• Compatible With All Types Of Foam Concentrates
• High Performance Corrosion Resistant Polyester Finish
• Integral Double Air Induction Foam Maker
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