KBS Seal Bags

KBS Sealbags are installed in cable penetration seals, where frequent retro tting of new cables is expected or where dustfree penetration seals are requested, e.g. telephone exchanges, pilot plants, computer rooms, etc.
KBS Sealbags are pillows consisting of tightly woven, durable bre-glass cloth, lled with a combination of mineral bres, incombustible components, water-insoluble expansion agents and special re retardant additives.
KBS Sealbags are totally water- and weather-resistant and retain their properties and effectiveness under all weather, temperature and atmospheric conditions.
KBS Sealbags contain no asbestos nor any other toxic substances.
KBS Sealbags maintain their volume constancy. Even many years of industrial vibrations do not induce sagging of the bags, which results in an absolutely tight penetration seal (of cial report for 7 years vibration test available).
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