IS IR3 Flame Detector

The IS IR3 Flame Detector is designed for harsh environments in either indoor or outdoor ap- plications. It is sensitive to low frequnency ickering IR radiation emitted from ames during combustion. The sensor operates even through a layer of oil, dust, water vapour or ice. These detectors have been approved by Baseefa to standards EN50014, EN50020 and EN50284. The requirements of Directive 94/9/EC, the Atmosphere Explosives ATEX directive have also been met.
Features :
• ATEX & IECEx certi ed: II 1 G
• CENELEC/IEC Certi ed: Ga Ex ia IIC T4
• Selectable output options: Conventional two-wire, 4-20mA, Latching or Non-latching,
• Contacts – Fire/Fault, Pre alarm
• Class 1 sensitivity to EN54-10 detects 0.1m2 re at 25m • High optical interference immunity
• Selectable response speed
• Optical self test
• Low power consumption
• IP65 rated
• Supply voltage 14 to 30Vdc
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