High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle

It is a internal swirl plate type open nozzles designed for use in xed water spray or deluge system for the re protection application. These nozzles produce solid uniform and dense core of high ve- locity water spray to affect re control. Nozzles are normally used to cool the surface as well as for extinguishment. Nozzles are typically used for Deluge protection of special hazards such as oil lled transformers, switch gear, chemical process equipment, conveyor system and ammable liquid stor- age areas.
The minimum desirable pressure to achieve a reasonable spray pattern is 3.5 Kg./sq.cm. (50 psi ). The water distribution pattern giving maximum effective axial distance from the nozzle. The spray pattern shown is with indoor application. The system designer must consider wind velocity while designing the system for outdoor application. Field obstruction if any affecting the spray pattern of the nozzle must be considered.
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