We provide full helideck re ghting and safety equipment in accordance with Civil Aviation and related Codes including foam monitors, complementary media and rescue equipment. CAP 437 : Standard for Offshore Helicopter Landing Space.
We strongly recommend that the primary re ghting system for a helideck should be a DIFF system (Deck Integrated Fire Fight- ing System). A DIFFS unit consists of a skid which processes rewater in ow to output foam or water and which is piped tomul- tiple nozzles which are installed ush with the helideck surface. In case of re, these nozzles automatically telescope and spray water or foam evenly onto the deck.
We have pioneered and developed a next generation, automatically operated DIFFS unit which is approved and tested in accor- dance with latest civil aviation codes. This system differs from existing ones in that it is sensor activated for automatic operation, is fully re tested in accordance with 2008 / 2009 standards and is available in water spray and foam spray options.
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